Make Your Own Liquid THC Tincture, Part 2

December 9th, 2015 | By

part 2

This is the continuation to Liquid THC, Part 1. In this article, further refinement of the hash oil is detailed, the result being liquid THC. Part 1 left us off with some high quality hash oil.

As we continue in this article, the hash oil will be reduced down to almost pure THC.

At this point, we have a good amount of hash oil, and it’s exquisite. Now it is necessary to combine the Everclear with the cooled hash oil in a sealable container. A high quality plastic container works extremely well for this but be sure the lid closes tightly because it is going to be shaken to mix it.

The goal is to completely dissolve the hash oil in the alcohol. This might take a while so be prepared for it. There are also a lot of gasses made from this process, so remove the lid once in a while to relieve pressure or the thing will fizz or go pop. Once the container has been shaken for maybe ten minutes, sit the container down in a cool and safe place. The solution will settle into layers, the bottom layer being the bulk of the resins and tars. The next layer up is what is called the Emulsion layer. The top layer contains the THC in suspension.

The next step is to keep the top layer of the solution and the bottom two layers are discarded. A turkey baster and an eyedropper works very well for this. The turkey baster takes the top layer off very well and in large quantities while the eye dropper takes off a smaller amount, but in a more delicate manner. Take the top layer off without disturbing the layer beneath. The eye dropper works very well for this. Just make sure both are clean and dry prior to being used.

Once as much of the liquid as possible has been taken from the top layer, fire up the double boiler again and reduce the solution that was just siphoned off, but at a lower temperature – about 100 degrees Fahrenheit (around 40 degrees Celsius). The goal is to evaporate the alcohol and any water that made it through. When the solution is thin enough to say it’s hash oil, it’s done.

The procedure is finally done! What is left is the finished product, which can be anywhere from 40 to 80 percent pure DELTA-9 THC. It should be a semi-transparent liquid with a brown or green tinge to it. If care has been taken, it’ll be clear.

Expect about one fluid ounce of pure THC from every 5 or 6 ounces or so of shake or buds. There will obviously be more oil per batch if buds were used instead of shake. The amount you end up with also depends on the potency of the plant itself.

This oil can now be used in cooking, in vaporizers, on rolling papers, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Now some people say that heating the THC too much causes it to lose potency, but that just isn’t the case if you do it carefully. As you heat the solution, energy is added to the THC, thus making it readily available to you, the consumer. Some may shake their heads at this, but think on this –the stuff is burned to ingest, and it seems to work pretty well.

This oil is thinner than regular, unrefined hash oil, though it will still spread well over a rolling paper. It’s pure heaven in a vaporizer or on a hot blade, with a unique but vaguely recognizable taste to it.

This simply has to be tried to believe. Be careful with the heat source, and you can’t go wrong.

Whether you want to grow a single marijuana plant or you have a commercial grow operation, can help. With over 7 years of industry experience supplying LED Grow Lights to the cannabis market, BigBud is ready to assist in all aspects of growing.

Make Your Own Liquid THC Tincture, Part 1

December 9th, 2015 | By

part 1

Many people that have been experimenting on any level with recreational substances may have wondered what it would be like to make tea, brownies, and pretty much anything else a deeply stoned, munchy-craved brain can muster. Everyone has heard of making butter with the leftovers and sometimes even prime buds of the latest harvest, but who has wondered how to distil the pure THC from the latest crop or acquisition? Well read on, here’s how it’s done.

What is needed is an electric hotplate, a double boiler, a thermometer that reads up to around 105 degrees Celsius, a fine mesh strainer, and a couple of bottles of Everclear 190 Proof Grain Alcohol. A scale that reads in grams will also be needed.

Also required is a straight mind. This process entails working with a highly flammable substance and an intense heat source, so having a hoot beforehand is not recommended. Take this advice and wake up with intact eyebrows in the morning.

A few words on safety. It would be beneficial to perform this procedure out of doors, maybe in the garage with the garage door half open. This provides adequate ventilation and still gives a measure of privacy, which should be observed. Use an electric hotplate and keep open flames away from the simmering area. This means NO smoking. Old hands at making hash oil will no doubt remember the day they carelessly lit a smoke over the simmering oil and looked up at the ceiling to see a flash of blue flame dance across it. Close calls like that tend to make a person cautious.

So here we go. Set up the double boiler and heat the bottom pot to boiling. It is important to not put the top pot on until the bottom pot of water is boiling. Adding nearly pure alcohol to a dry piece of metal that is heated to boiling temperature just isn’t a good idea. Fill the top pot with the buds or shake and add enough Everclear to just about cover the green material. Leave a centimeter or two of the green material showing – the material will reduce like spinach and settle as it softens in the heated alcohol, covering it completely. Use either dried or green shake or buds, although it is recommend that the material be green. If it crumbles when handled, it’s too dry. Dried shake sucks up so much alcohol that it might be necessary to run out to the store for another bottle of Everclear.

Keep the bottom pot boiling and make sure that it has enough water in it to at least cover the first 2 inches of the top pot. Otherwise, the temperature of the top mixture will fluctuate needlessly. It is important to keep a steady temperature to allow the constituent parts of the green material to be leeched out of the plant fibers and into the alcohol.

Once started, this stage of the process is a no-brainer. Just keep the water boiling and the bottom pot filled. Stir the mixture once every five or ten minutes to keep an even temperature distribution. Keep this up for 3 hours. Feel free to have a toke – nothing really dangerous is happening right now. If the thing was going to flash up, it would have done so by now. Eventually the previously clear alcohol will be gradually darkened to a beautiful shade of deep forest green, then to a green so dark it appears dark brown or even black.

To ensure that the bud is covered, the alcohol may need to be replenished. The green material does reduce, but it is common to have to add about a quarter liter or so of the alcohol during the course of the reduction process. Alcohol evaporates rather well, and keeping a lid half-on half-off of the top pot works very well to minimize this evaporation, although one should never put the lid on completely – the inrush of oxygen may cause the alcohol to flash up should the lid be taken off suddenly.

After the 3 hours are up, let everything cool naturally. Basically just take the top pot off and turn off the hot plate. Cooling usually takes about thirty minutes. When the alcohol solution is lukewarm, strain the alcohol from the green material into a clean bowl or pot. Clean the top pot of the double boiler and pour the now green alcohol back into it. Get the double boiler boiling again and heat the alcohol to 210 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the boiling point of the water in the boiler (100 degrees Celsius). Use the thermometer for this, stirring constantly. It is a good practice to purchase a thermometer with a thick shaft and used it to stir the mixture, glancing at the temperature occasionally.

What is done now is a reduction of the green alcohol down to a liquid that is without water. This concentrates the THC. The absence of water has been achieved when the solution stops steaming. Wait fifteen minutes after the steam goes away, then turn off the heat and let it cool naturally again.

The substance is now basically high quality hash oil, and it contains anywhere from ten to fifty percent THC. To further extract and purify this hash oil, more Everclear is used as the solvent. Remember, it is extremely and explosively flammable. Do be careful.

In Part 2 of this article, the hash oil will be taken a step further, refining the pure THC from it.

Whether you want to grow a single marijuana plant or you have a commercial grow operation, can help. With over 7 years of industry experience supplying LED Grow Lights to the cannabis market, BigBud is ready to assist in all aspects of growing.

Need to Find the Kind? Check Out Nugs.Com!

December 2nd, 2015 | By


If you like to know a little bit about what you’re getting into before you walk into a new dispensary, headshop or even an MMJ-friendly doctor’s office, has the scoop. Of course, each business is allowed to add their own official write-up to their Nugs page, but you also get to see some very honest user reviews:

The Good ….

I’ve never been to California, so all I know about Hollywood Blvd is what I’ve seen in the movies. It looks like a fun place to hang out, meet some unique individuals and, perhaps, burn one, but I’d worry that any local business might be a little shady. However, this review of Greenhouse Herbal Center makes me think they might be OK.

By Dank Aaron: “1st time becoming a patient with collective was great. got a goody bag, very well priced and quality 1/8(tangerine dream) and even a wristband that glows in the dark. They are very regulated and organized. Variety is great. Edibles,pre rolls(some caviar),great NUGS! happy hour 7 days a week. great collective and service”

If you’re around there, let us know what Greenhouse Herbal’s Happy Hour deal is all about. If it’s a BOGO, that’s pretty awesome.

The Bad ….

The positive reviews are great, even if you should take them with a grain of salt, but you can’t beat this one by RT23 about Beav’s Smokehouse in Towson Maryland –

“Terrible place and they sell spice. Or used to at least. complete junk.”

That, along with a picture on Beav’s page will give you a good idea of whether you want to avoid the place or if these are your kinda peeps.

The Ugly …. even has a list of marijuana-friendly lawyers. The ugly truth is that even in a legal state, you might have to call on one of these dudes if you get into some hot water, and you probably should consult with one if you want to start up your own dispensary or other canna-company. Either way, this list is a lot better than trying your luck with Google.

Ganja Gabby had this to say about E.Wicker in California: “Totally cool dude who can help Canna Biz or Licenses, Criminal Case and more.”

And Mr Nice of Baltimore had good dealings with Joseph E Glass in Baltimore: “Got my case thrown out. Cheers to Mr Glass for his work and success.”

What Else Does Nugs.Com Have to Offer?

Need to find a sympathetic doctor who understands your needs but doesn’t want to bleed you dry? You can find one of those at too.

Wanna make your own medibles? They have an amazing recipe section that includes way more than brownies – it’s got everything from chocolate-chip pancakes to meatloaf to sun tea.

How about in-depth strain reviews so you have an idea of what you want before you’re overwhelmed by a bagillion different choices once you get to a dispensary? has them! They tell you where they got their sample, who’s reviewing it (hard job, but someone’s got to do it) and provide close up images, as well as detailed info on the genetics, bud structure, taste, prices & any negatives. Not everyone who writes these reviews has the same way with words, but this one made my want to run out & get some Bubble Yum right now.

So, check out their site & let us know what you think. If you’ve got one you like better, let the Weed Geeks know!

Geek Out with Cannabis Lifestyle TV!

November 16th, 2015 | By

cltv banner

At Weed Geek, we’re always looking for newer & better sources of information & we’ve just found a fresh one that we think will be the best yet. Take our word for it – you have to check out Cannabis Lifestyle TV on YouTube!

These dudes are just getting started, so bear with them while they pump out more detailed strain reviews & how-to videos. Or, better yet, leave a comment on their channel & let them know what you’d like to see. They’re up for anything!

First, a little background – Cannabis Lifestyle TV is the brain child of Rob Corbett, a Michigan media guru who’s passionate about medical marijuana. While searching for answers to some of his own questions, he found plenty of online information, but most of it was too unorganized to be useful and some of it was just straight-up wrong.

He started tossing ideas around with his canna family and, together, they decided there had to be a better way. At that point, Rob put his skills to work designing a brand-new site designed to give fellow patients and growers around the globe instant access to straight-forward information about cannabis that would add real value to their lives without the need to weed through a bunch of nonsense to find the good stuff. This material isn’t just organized with encyclopedic precision, the production is totally professional.

The audio and video quality are as smooth as the finest smoke, and this team tells you what you want to know, with the right level of detail, without leaving out anything important. Within minutes, you can learn how to make perfect dry-sift hash, bake a killer pot brownie or choose the best cannabis seed or finished bud for your individual medical marijuana needs.

Because this is not a one-man job, Rob recruited some of the best cannabis experts the state of Michigan had to offer. Most are around Rob’s age (millenials), but that doesn’t mean this crew is new to the game. Combined, Rob along with Sid, Trey, Jordan & Dub-C have more than 40 years of general cannabis experience and over 10 years of grow history. Best of all, each member of the CLtv team is truly passionate about their chosen profession and try to learn something new about this miracle herb each and every day. Watch a few of CLtv’s videos, get to know the people involved, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

The Weed Geeks recommend you start out by viewing their Lost Coast OG strain review. Watch as Trey shows off some high-def close-ups of finished Lost Coast OG & gives a detailed smoke report. If you’ve never tried this strain before, you’ll be jonesing for some within minutes – and minutes will be all it takes. Trey packs in absolutely everything you need to know in just 3:10. You won’t get any rants or endless rambles with the CLtv crew – just cold hard facts & honest opinions in a concise, understandable format.

If YouTube ain’t your thing, no worries. CLtv is launching a new website using the same name in the next few days. Stay tuned – this is the best educational television series you can find anywhere!

Subscribe to CLtv’s YouTube Channel or Bookmark their Website Today – This is One You’ll Want to Remember!

YouTube Video

Experienced Seed Testers Wanted

August 19th, 2015 | By


Weed-Geek has teamed up with some of the finest cannabis breeders in the industry and will be helping Steve Seed, Cannabis Knowledge and few other weed forums get these seeds into your expert hands.

We have a pile of tester seeds en route and Steve has stolen some quality strains from The Gorilla Seedbank’s secret stash.


We did ask the hairy one if we could do this and he said NO WAY. Steve has gone rogue with this one, and who are we to stop him?

You don’t need to be an expert, but we are looking for experience and the ability to produce a nice diary, journal or log for us. Weed-geek will also be looking for a nice report to blog about at the end.

Cannabis Knowledge has offered us the space to show off your logs, images and techniques, and its friendly members will be more than happy to pitch in or drool over your results. But you can run your test on whatever forum you choose – as long as the admin/mods ok it.

We’d like to see you active on Facebook too, but we get this will only be possible for legal areas, so it’s not a must.

  • 1.Must Have Experience
  • 2.Online Weekly Forum Diary/Journal Required*
  • 3.Weekly Updates
  • 4.New & Current Strains
  • 5.Limited Places Available

*Forum Membership Can Be Arranged


This is by email only. Send as much detail about your setup as possible to We expect and already have a large list of applicants. Don’t expect a reply right away, and this may take some time to organise. Please only send 1 email. Updates will appear on Steve Seed & Weed-Geek pages.

Breeders can contact Steve directly

Weed-Geek is always looking for good cannabis blogs too.