Can Hemp Make You Healthier?

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Whilst medical-grade cannabis has made for some colorful headlines over the years, hemp, the less glamorous, non-psychoactive form of this legendary plant has been quietly making waves of its own, as modern research unlocks a wider spectrum of this prodigious herb’s potential health benefits…

Centuries of cultivation, decades of innovation

As one of the earliest crops to be successfully cultivated by mankind (humanity has made use of the herb as far back as the Neolithic Era), hemp has proven to be a truly versatile and renewable resource, which has found its way into everything from textiles to automobile components; But aside from just being an excellent material to build the world around us, hemp’s chemical composition makes it extremely useful as a food source and medicine;

Hempseed Oil: Delicious and nutritious


When industrial hemp and marijuana seeds are pressed for oil, the resulting produce is a truly remarkable substance.

On the surface, hempseed oil doesn’t appear to be anything special: Virtually odourless, with a mild, pleasantly nutty flavour, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for any number of household cooking oils…

Once you take a look at the chemical make-up of the oil, however, you’ll be able to appreciate just how much of a super-food it is!

  • Hempseed oil is simply packed with essential fatty acids (EFAs), including linoleic acid, omega-3, omega 6, gamma-linolenic acid and more: In fact, around 80% of the substance is made up of these useful nutrients!
  • With all 21 amino acids present, hemp oil compares favourably against virtually all other sources of protein known to man (The likes of meat, dairy produce, soy etc.) – this explains why the substance is sometimes described as being a ‘complete’ source of protein.
  • Promising research points towards this richly nutritious resource being a useful tool in combatting medical conditions like eczema, heart disease and a variety of respiratory ailments.

Pump-up with hemp protein

Young sports guy

Bodybuilders of the past were known for their extreme, protein rich diets, which seen them guzzle down pounds of red meat, pints of raw eggs and tub upon tub of cottage cheese.

Whilst such diets are now regarded as ‘old school’, there is no doubt that an increased protein intake is vital when it comes to building muscle mass.

Thankfully, modern bodybuilders now have a vast array of scientifically-proven dietary supplements at their disposal, including healthy, balanced options which don’t always have to depend on animal protein sources.

Whilst many bodybuilders still regard plant-derived protein as playing second fiddle to a meat-laden diet, hemp protein is slowly gaining favour among an increasing number of sports nutritionists, thanks to its high levels of amino acids, as well as its overall balanced nature, which helps to introduce additional fibre and increased amounts of healthy fats into a results-focussed diet.

At the end of the day, not all sources of protein are created equal: And among all of the plant-based sources, many nutritionists today feel that hemp stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Soothe your skin with Sativa

face moisturizer

Whilst there is no doubt that hemp-derived products can make for some seriously nutritious supplements, not all of this produce has to be ingested to enjoy its benefits…

From the treatment of conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis to more cosmetic issues, like reducing the appearance of blackheads, hempseed oil is now a popular ingredient in many skin care products.

Thanks to hempseed oil’s relatively ‘dry’ nature, it can nourish the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind, whilst its anti-inflammatory properties help it to combat a cornucopia of ailments.

Whether you have dry hands, inflamed skin or serious inflammation, you may find that the treatment which works best for you could end up containing hemp in some shape or form!


So there you have it: Three key areas in which hemp has proven itself to be a useful natural resource which is clearly a vital addition to mankind’s medicine cabinet: Whoever said that this crop was boring?


The information in this post is presented for educational and entertainment purposes only: We urge all of our readers to obey their local laws and to consult a healthcare professional before seeking any medical treatment.

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