Cannabis is coming out the closet

October 22nd, 2013 | By


Now that some brave leaders around the world have started to address the gay marriage issue it’s time to deal with the other large elephant in the room, cannabis.

Much like cannabis, gayness penetrates all of society – there are no boundaries here, nor should there be. And gayness has probably been around as long as cannabis – some animals are indeed gay.

Somehow both issues seem to have the magical ability of bringing out huge ignorance in otherwise rational people.

People use cannabis for a wide ranging amount of reasons, from spiritual to medical – with users spread throughout our communities. But still they are persecuted.

Just as gay marriage has been accepted into the legal framework of forward thinking countries, so must cannabis use.  No crimes are being committed here and medical research (you know, the actual science) seems to suggest that cannabis is the most powerful anti ageing dietary supplement we could possibly consume. More powerful than anything us humans could ever produce – with the US pharmaceutical industry killing over 100,000 Americans a year. Cannabis 0.

You have to be pretty deranged to believe it is right to punish a human being for using a naturally occurring plant. That’s what has been happening. We have been jailing people for using a certain type of vegetable.

We are seeing progress at last – however. More and more cannabis users are able to come out of the woodwork, out of the shadows that they should NEVER have been in in the first place.

Over the years we have seen more gay couples being able to honestly express themselves in public. Cannabis users should be able to walk down the street with the same lack of fear. The cannabis smoker will one day be able to walk down the street with their joint, without having the establishment come down on them like a ton of bricks as if he were some kind of violent criminal.  Any other situation is just not acceptable behaviour for intelligent human beings.

Cannabis is a vegetable, and a very powerful medicine. More powerful than your government wants you to know. Part of the reason it has been suppressed for so long is that it can treat so many conditions.  Some will surely stand to lose a lot of money if the people realise they can treat themselves (and have zero side effects) with a plant they can grow in their garden.  Well you can.  This is a truth that is coming out through word of mouth thanks to people like Rick Simpson and medical professionals like Bob Melamede. And NORML.  You won’t find a notice about this in your local medical centre. New doctors are not taught about cannabinoids. But this will change.

Cannabis clubs are slowly popping up in one form or another around the world. In Uruguay the government itself will soon sell cannabis. Caribbean countries are looking at legalization.  Mexico is looking at options. France recently approved medical cannabis, and cafes may be open in Berlin soon.

In the US we have just seen the federal government give a huge green light to Colorado and Washington states regulating their own completely legal cannabis markets. In these places cannabis came out the closet a long time ago and is now taking its rightful place as part of society that isn’t going to go away.


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