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Barney’s Amnesia Lemon Smoke Report

January 17th, 2014 | By


I vaped this stuff with my Extreme Q and it was very nice indeed. For a good all round experience, I decided I must smoke some this morning and was very glad I did.

It produces a nice hit that comes on quite heavy but manageable I would say – pretty psychedelic also. In fact, it was fair to say I was stoned out of my face on this gear initially. In a nice way. Not energising but also not disabling. Quite euphoric. I was able to do write this and do other work without being disabled.

It didn’t interfere with my three mile mountain walk either. In fact, it gave things a slightly magical edge. The smoke certainly gave new perspectives to things making it an all round lovely experience. I would definitely buy more of this and am now going to have to smoke the rest. Sorry, but for this one, you just can’t beat smoking it in my humble opinion.

Feelings of friendliness and sociability were also noticed. This one, I hear, was the special phenotype.

Barney’s Farm LSD Smoke Report

January 14th, 2014 | By


This is an interesting one. I got hold of some indoor LSD, (see pic above) a really nice example of this and tested it on the vape and smoke. Very different effects. In the vape, it  is much more manageable but still strong.

I would say of all weed I have smoked this has the closest to a hash effect. It’s also pretty trippy, visually, and it definitely changes your thinking patterns. Slows you right down if you  smoke it. I liked it a lot and will be growing out an outdoor version this year, which I think will be even better. Not for the beginner, I would say. Gets you properly stoned.

I did try smoking it in the morning and it didn’t completely knock me out, but I was more tired towards the end of the day. LSD is a serious smoke that I would definitely buy again.


A quick note about Grassomatic

December 5th, 2013 | By


Maxi Gom

It’s been nearly five years now that I have been trying different autoflowering varieties. Outdoors and indoors. I have found that outdoors it takes a special kind of autoflowering plant to do anything of significance. Yields can be low, especially for the inexperienced grower.

I adjusted my attitude slightly after experiencing Barney’s Pineapple Express this year – that’s a plant worth growing. But the other day, I saw the results of a winter grow of Maxi Gom (grown near a latitude of 36 degrees) and it was spectacular.  I could be wrong, but it looked like there were two ounces on this Grassomatic Maxi Gom.

A lot of the time, the yield estimates given by the breeders are way off. Not in this case. Grassomatic say Maxi Gom yields 50 to 120 grammes and I believe them. These plants had huge, open colas and side branches that were also loaded with bud. I only tried a little of the Gom but it seemed to be a pretty nice smoke.

So if you are looking for high-yielding autos, have a good look at the Grassomatic catalogue – these guys know what they’re doing with their autoflowering plants.

Sweetseeds +Speed Indoor Automatic Grow Report

November 25th, 2013 | By


This isn’t my first go at autoflowering seeds. I once grew some Short Stuff autos outdoors during a typically wet UK summer and a Royal Queen “just for fun” beside an indoor grow of Mr Nice G13. The G13 turned out to be the best all-round strain I have grown to date so I pretty much ignored the Royal Queen.

Both grows were less than productive. I can blame the harsh UK summers for the Short Stuff’s 1 oz from 9 plants! The spindly, confused looking Royal Queen was actually a really nice smoke, but her fluffy, airy buds and popcorn sized buds were definitely down compared to the normal 18/6 photoperiod and not my inexperience :). The fact she was unloved, placed in a corner and fed the same nutrients as the G13 photoperiod plants didn’t help either.

I still wasn’t 100% convinced of the claims on cannabis forums like uk420 and that autos had advanced by leaps and bounds and were nearly the same strength and yield as photo periods, but I was sure that tailoring the light cycle and nutrients plus a little TLC would make the 6 to 8 week, 20/4 cycle at least worthy of a quick try.

All the Sweet Seeds +Speed Auto Seeds germinated overnight and the taproot (radicle) was over an inch long in just 24hrs. This is normally a 3 day or longer process and I was quite surprised by the speed. I had previously grown autos with less care with the seed-to-soil method, but (like 99% of cannabis growers) I wanted to see every stage up close this time, so I used the trusted paper towel method instead.

Again, in less than half the normal time, the seedlings shot through the soil and were in their final pots before I had time to consider the many methods of a stress-free potting up. I didn’t have time to train or top/fim them either – they were just too fast! Just before flowering, I did manage to tie the main stems back to give the plant in the centre pot more room, but the few inches I gained in seedling stage made no difference at all!

Every time I popped my head in the tent, they had changed and were screaming for food, greedy little girls that went from little white hairs to large spiralling, stinky buds in no time at all. The absence of a huge main cola made them look like a fim’d plant, but the multitude of side buds made up for the not-so-massive main cola.

Seriously fast, seriously stinky and “normal” sized buds made these autos a pleasure to grow. At one point when the fan leaves start to yellow from lack of magnesium. I added the usual teaspoon of epsom salts, but the plant was just starting to finish. I was too late!

They took the same feed except faster, bushed out and gained height faster, automatically went into flower and grew large dense buds, faster! They’re actually hanging upside down in my tent as I type this review and will likely be ready for a cure before I’m finished!

Ill be back with a smoke report and can only guess at 1oz per plant, that’s not bad being 6 plants under a 400w hps in a small tent! But judging by the amount of resin, smell and density of the buds, I’m guessing a happy smoke report!


OG Kush Smoke Report

November 24th, 2013 | By


I had heard a lot about the amazing Reserva Privada OG Kush. So much. It must be one of the most well-known marijuana strains in the world. Expectations were high, to say the least. It has been described as, ‘proper medicine’ and ‘A classic example of medical marijuana’. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some. I was also a little scared!

A friend grew some outdoors – he cleared just over 500g from 6 seeds. I was intrigued and heard reports from other people on the OG. When I finally got hold of some I have to say I was pretty unimpressed. It was just a small amount though. Seemed like a pretty standard Sativa high to me.

Anyway – I got hold of a pile more so I could give it a proper testing and I have to say it has become my go-to weed now. For the daytime.

It is not your standard Sativa high at all. It’s more complex than that. It is motivational but not to the extent that you’re running round like a headless chicken. I can see how this would be a great medicine – it gives me a kind of ‘right, lets get this shit done’ feeling – in a firm but gentle way.

It makes you get on with things. It also makes you feel relaxed, and can be very slightly trippy if you smoke enough. This is the weed I would give to somebody who thinks they don’t like weed as it gets them ‘stoned’. It gets your motor running. It’s fantastic for my daily wake and bake routine.  I definitely wouldn’t be smoking this at bedtime though, unless you want to be awake.

It didn’t really make me red eyed, if that is any use to anyone. Although, it would if I smoked enough of it.  I can see the popularity of this weed now – for somebody requiring great weed with a little motor running in the background keeping you going – and focussed – if that can be believed – then this is the one. For me, it is the perfect wake and bake weed. I find it smoother than the hazes in some way. Not that hazes aren’t lovely – just different.

After quite heavy consumption, I did feel a little bit like the way you do after smoking a good cheese – a bit quite paggered on the inside but completely able to function like anybody else.

The kush definitely enhanced music and didn’t interfere with work I had to do it all. If anything it helped me to get lots more done than I would in normal circumstances.

I guess it’s a perfect example of what I would give to people who think they don’t like weed. You might think you don’t like weed, but until you have smoked a decent OG Kush, then you really can’t say you’ve tried cannabis properly.