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Premium Seeds Marked Down by 40% Starting Tomorrow

October 21st, 2016 | By


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BigBudLED’s BBL1000 – An LED that Competes watt for watt with HPS!

July 13th, 2015 | By

bbled blog

LED Grow Lights have come a long way in the past few years, but many growers who get good results from HPS lighting have been reluctant to make the switch. Bud quality appears to be pretty good under LED, you can’t argue with lower temps & power bills, and the bud porn is killer, but HPS has still remained the gold standard for high yields & dense nuggs – until now.

With a new LED light that offers a full 1000 watts of power, BigBudLED has put some pretty big claims out there, so we talked them into sending their biggest unit, the BBL1000, over to the Weed Geek lab so we could put it through its paces. Here’s what they have to say about this massive LED:

  • A Full 1000 Watts of Power – This is the real draw, not some number they came up with by adding up the diode ratings of the individual bulbs. With 288 5 watt LEDs configured into 16 COB clusters each rated at a total of 90 watts, the grand total would be 1440 watts if BigBudLED used the standard marketing formula instead of a more honest figure.
  • Reduces Electricity Needs by 20-35% – BigBudLED admits the BBL1000 LED Light will pull about the same wattage as a 1000 watt HPS because a watt is a watt after all, but they claim you can easily reduce your power consumption by 20 to 35% by eliminating the ballast and reducing the ventilation and air conditioning required to control temps. If you’re doing a new set-up, you can also take most of the ducting and fans out of your budget.
  • Each BBL1000 Covers a 4X4 Grow Space with canopy coverage and penetration that’s just as good as a 1000 watt HPS, if not better. Each COB is covered by a high-density, 90-degree glass PCX lens that evenly distributes light with virtually no reduction in intensity.
  • Increases Potency, Reduces Finish Time – With less heat, the THC should degrade less giving you up to a 25% increase in potency. The targeted light spectrum gives cannabis plants exactly what they can absorb best, allowing finish times to be reduced by up to 14 days depending on strain. If this is true, that’s way better than a lower electric bill or a few less fans to run.
  • The Weed Geek BigBud LED Review

    The first thing we noticed before the BBL1000 even arrived is the price tag – we won’t beat around the bush, this baby is pricey at pennies under two grand. It’s targeted toward professional growers who can make their money back quickly by growing a better product at a reduced cost so that they can spend less and charge more with a faster turnaround.

    By BigBudLED’s calculations, the BBL1000 should pay for itself when replacing a 1000 watt setup in a typical commercial operation within the first 6 months, then the rest is gravy.

    If you’re growing your own medicine, you’d probably be more interested in one of BigBudLED’s smaller, more affordable lights like the BBL260.

    We really liked how the BBL1000 LED light looked once it arrived & we unboxed it. The design is very streamlined and it had a sturdy feel to it. The specs give the weight as 24 kg (about 52 pounds) and the measurements as 65 cm (25.5 inches) square and 6 cm (2.36 inches) thick. We didn’t confirm, but that seems about right. In other words, it felt a little heavy for its size – make sure you have a sturdy framework if you’re hanging this in a tent.

    To get an idea of how much power we were saving, we took an unscientific approach instead of running out to buy Kill-A-Watt. We turned on a 1000 watt HPS setup and noted the numbers on the electric meter when we started and then again 12 hours later. After switching out the HPS for the BBL1000 and unplugging most of the fans, we went through the exercise again the next day at the same time so that the building’s other electricity usage would be roughly the same. Our experiment showed that we saved just under 7 KWH over the course of 12 hours, which translates into about $30 a month. Depending on the electricity prices in your area, your savings could be more or less than that.

    During this test, we also checked out the differences in heat. The 1000 watt HPS brought the temps up from 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the dark to around 78 degrees within the first 30 minutes using an air-cooled hood pulling air from outside the tent with a 650 cfm fan. The BBL1000 LED Light was barely warm to the touch and only brought the temperature up inside the tent 2 degrees after the full 12 hours with only passive ventilation and a fan for air circulation. Needless to say, the LED setup was much quieter, too.

    Finally, we hooked the BBL1000 up over a mixed grow that was already showing preflowers and just begging to be flipped. The purplish color of the lights takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s a lot easier on the eyes than the yellow HPS glare. However, these are strong, strong lights – you should absolutely never look directly into the bulbs and eye protection is highly recommended.

    The light covered our 4X4 tent perfectly with no dark areas or shadows at the canopy level. As long as we cleared away any fans that were blocking the light, penetration looked as good as a 1000 watt HPS, although we’re still adjusting to the purpleness. So far, we haven’t seen any of the bleaching that we did with other LED lights, but we’ve also been careful to keep the light at least 2 feet up from the canopy.

    As of today, we’re about 5 weeks into flower and things are looking good. Bud size and density checks out, trichome production is nice and heavy, the smell is getting really strong and everything appears to be on schedule. We have a few more weeks to go before we can say if we’ll have an early finish and a few more weeks before we can give you a smoke report for flavor and potency. If this grow turns out as good as its looking now, there’s no way BigBudLED is getting this light back.

    Stay tuned for the final report on BigBudLED’s BBL1000 LED light!

Weed Geek’s – Magic Flight Launch Box Review

November 18th, 2013 | By

Beautiful things really do come in small packages. At only 65mm long and 33mm wide, it’s not only small but seriously stealthy, extremely light and pretty much the cutest device I now own.


I managed to get my hands on the premium version made of walnut. This costs a little extra but gives an even better look and feel of quality. It really is a well-made piece of kit.
I’ve actually wanted to own one of these for some time. I read the reviews and checked out the competition, unsure whether I would actually use it regularly enough to justify the price tag. Lets face it – if it’s not a pipe, bong or costs hundreds of pounds, I’ts a novelty item! This really isn’t!
First impressions were, “Wow, it’s so small”, and after a quick rumble through the kit content (that comes in a really nice quality tin), I quickly realised the batteries needed to be fully charged, which was disappointing as they take 4 hours from dead and I just wanted to get vaping.


Having some time to spare, I read through the well written manual that’s not some scrap of paper with a quick “here’s your new toy” description, but a well laid out glossy, detailed instruction manual, with hints and tips as well as an interesting back story to the box design, etc.

I also had another look at the multitude of video guides available online including Magic Flight’s own website, which again, is well laid out and full of good information. This video LINK is really easy to follow. Surprisingly, the Launch Box manages to capture the throat hit I didn’t expect from a vapouriser. I’ve only ever used a friend’s Vapir One and it was close to the end of its life. It worked well but had a novelty feel.

The herb for the Flight Box has to be ground to a certain consistency, not too big and not too small. You can buy a purpose-made grinder, but you can make do with a standard small one. The trench has to be filled fully for best results but not packed in; it’s a really thin, delicate screen!


Following the online guides made it simple to use, but even taking a common sense approach will get you where you want to go. The throat hit was surprising, and even after watching the video of the guy spluttering through his instructions, it still managed to throw me off guard it’s that small.

It takes a small amount of herb and doesn’t actually burn in the trench, yet has a decent kick, not like a full on pipe hit, more like a tickly cough.

The taste of the herb is amazing, really enhanced unlike burning, like the smell across the room when someone’s burning a fat one or how you imagine the taste would be with your nose in a bag of fresh dank. It’s a tastes like it smells kind thing. Only at the end of your session does it start to taste like a relit cigarette, but by then its over. Quick, clean and on to the next one.

I’m sure it’s all strain dependant, but I noticed a more uplifting and straight to the point effect than any other method I’ve tried. Lighting one up shortly after just made me want to hit it again.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is beautiful, well crafted, does the job. It’s stealthy and has a no-fuss life time warranty you just don’t get anywhere else, great reviews, a few after-market accessories and it’s really cute. I just can’t fault it at all! You can even cook with the leftover herb!


Weed Geek’s – Ploom Pax Review

November 4th, 2013 | By

If you’re looking for a small, effective vaporizer for on the go, this is the one. If you are looking for something to use constantly indoors, I would say this is not the one.

It is, however, brilliant at doing what it is supposed to – be a portable vaporizer. For a start, it just looks amazing and wouldn’t look out of place on a Star Wars set. See for yourself. It’s the kind of object that gives an impression that it may do something magical, but only in the most subtle of ways. And it does.


Switching it on is very simple indeed and can be done with one hand. It has a decent sized bowl area that can be quite well packed down without any adverse effects. Loading this is straightforward, and a little pressure on the lid releases the cover – a nice feature which means anyone examining it is unlikely to stumble into your weed.

It’s quite nifty. The stealth aspect is off the scale and I have safely used this device in all number of places from supermarkets to restaurants even driving. Just walking down the street, the Pax makes it easy to just have a little toke and carry on as if nothing had happened.

I have been in the unfortunate situation of having to hide weed use from some family members so this vape has been invaluable for being able to have a toke in the house of anti-toking people. You can just nip to the bathroom and have a quick one, and the smell is gone in seconds, so to speak.

The size of it means it just slips into your pocket more easily than a mobile phone. It has three temperature settings that are very slightly fiddly to change, but as you generally only do this once, I don’t see a huge issue with this. If you put it down on a surface, it knows and goes into low power mode so you don’t blast your battery which is a fantastic feature.

It does mean that when it’s heating it kind of needs to be in your hand, or moving slightly, so that it doesn’t go into low power mode but you soon get used to this. It will create a smell when it is heating, however, that cannot easily be shielded. If for example you were at the cinema and switched it on, the people surrounding you would have an impression that you are cooking some kind of cabbage dish in your pocket – so you still need to be careful about your very immediate environment.

I have found that different strains come out of the Pax differently. Most of the time, this has been a good effect – or a positive thing. However on a recent trip, I was lucky enough to come across some proper Thai weed (the real deal), so I tried it in the Pax.

I have to say the effect compared to smoking was negligible. It was really slight. Smoking the Thai weed was great fun and bordering on hallucinogenic. Music immediately sounded amazing, objects were lost and a good time was had by all.

On the vape, it really was like “Oh, I feel like perhaps I have smoked something, feel a bit calmer but not much more.” Perhaps it was old Thai weed, anyway. I have not noticed this difference with any other weed and I have tried dozens of types through the Pax. So, it is a very minor criticism.

And yes, you can use it to vape hash, but again, the effect is very different. Not anywhere near as intense with the squidgy black I found. And you need to take care that the hash doesn’t run down into your machine – some types of hash will and you need to use a layer of weed in the bottom first.

The charger is very sexy indeed and the unit seems to go from no charge to full in a few hours time even after many uses. Can you tell I like it? It just makes life so much easier. If you are rushing out somewhere, it’s easy to load it up and chuck it in the car. Or take it with you going for a walk in the country. It opens up a whole new world of vaporization possibilities.

Giving it a shake when it is switched on will make it blink its battery level at you! As I mentioned, different weeds have different effects and some definitely produce larger amounts of vapour than others.

On the top setting, it is completely respectable and is comparable to the Arizer Solo. The Solo perhaps has a slight edge on the quality of hit. However, it falls down much more with its super breakable stem. I broke about ten in the first month of use. Whoever makes those stems must be making some serious money – it seems like the whole thing is designed to get hot and then be dropped onto a tiled floor ending your portable vaping fun. So I go Pax over Solo every time now. It doesn’t beat my reliable Extreme Q however. Nothing has beaten that yet.

The only down side is that it must be kept reasonably clean to run properly – something that is true of a lot of good tools. You end up needing a long pokey thing to open it up, but it all works OK.

I just chuck the mouthpiece in the dishwasher every now and again and clean the main shaft with pipe cleaners – some of which you do get with you Pax. I also put a little olive oil inside and around the mouthpiece to ensure that it doesn’t stick. My mouthpiece had begun to stick a little (resulting in the thing not heating properly) and the olive oil completely sorted that issue out – in case you have similar problems.

I have taken this thing on international flights also with no problem whatsoever. Obviously, I clean it well, so it looks almost as good as new, and then I put it in its original box just so the authorities can see it isn’t actually some kind of space age communication device.

How to Use the Butane Honey Oil (BHO) Extraction Technique

October 26th, 2013 | By


It’s probably the most concentrated, strongest and most dangerous method of THC extraction – no fancy lab equipment, trade secrets or lengthy trials needed!

Making BHO really is simple and an extremely satisfying way of making weed concentrate, but it’s only for the serious or hobby grower. It can take a lot of dealer weed to make it worthwhile, but you can use trim, leftovers from seed weed or your grow mistakes (snapped, overfed, harvested too early, cured too long, not cured long enough) It’s all good! The best bud does get the best results, though.


Ok, it’s dangerous! You don’t have to be an idiot to blow yourself up doing this. Even the cleverest stoner will sit back and burn one with explosive fumes nearby or overlook something simple. So be careful!

Obviously, it’s butane gas you are using, so smoking a joint while extracting is a no no. This shit doesn’t need a naked flame. Any spark from any source can and will ignite this shit! Even the slight internal spark from a light switch or electric appliance or even metal on metal can do it, so be careful.

I do it outdoors, away from all sources of ignition and so the fumes from the butane don’t get a chance to build up. This shit can also get you high and not in the good way. Some people do it in a garden shed, outhouse or well-ventilated room indoors somewhere, but it’s just not a good idea. It’s great stuff and I’d rather melt my face from inhaling the concentrated product and not the fireball.

There is a massive debate on the purity, safety and toxicity of using butane gas and other solvents to make oil concentrates. Please read up on them before deciding to use this guide. It’s your call!




Couldn’t be simpler. Use as many cans of butane as you need. Depending on the amount of weed, this could be as little as 1. You can do multiple runs of the same material to get it all or cook with the leftovers (citation needed). I personally use 2 X 300mI cans on ½ ounce or 14 grams of pure dried bud. You could use more cans on lesser weed, but the quality will drop. There are a mass of butane brands available. Some will say “near” zero impurities, but I doubt any are actually 100% pure!

Simple test: Spray some butane on a glass surface, window or mirror. If the white residue stays behind, don’t use it! (or only at your own risk)



You can buy purpose-made, plastic handheld or freestanding lab quality equipment  (like the Honeybee or Wax-Tek scientific glass extractor) that will stop any potential carcinogen causing deterioration from PVC, etc., but I like the Honey Bee. It’s cheap and good quality. Or you can make your own. I’ll not go into that as store bought are the same, and if you’re handy enough to make your own, you don’t need me telling you how to build a simple device!


A square, good quality, high-sided , glass Pyrex dish (immaculately clean) is a must. If it’s not square or clean, you will have trouble harvesting or you could contaminate your honey oil.


Again, anything will do here as long as you can fit your collection vessel inside it comfortably and it can hold hot water. Don’t use anything metal that could potentially cause a spark.



The perfect tool here is a single sided razor blade – the kind you get from craft or hobby stores. You will also need a flat tool, like another blade to clean off the residue from the scraper blade.


Again, anything you want to use here is fine. It must be non-porous and clean like a petri dish; a lid is also a must!


A standard coffee filter cut to shape will do for the honeybee or homemade plastic versions, you can double up to ensure better quality BHO. The glass visions require a tightly sealed filter material secured with appropriate clamps.


Gloves are a must; you’re playing with highly flammable, extremely cold materials. Safety glasses and clothing is advisable – plus you get to look like a scientist, in all seriousness please be safe!


Vacuum device. To get the best quality from your end product, you will want to purge the honey oil, I never have but definitely would if I had one easily available


That’s pretty much it. Quality lab equipment or homemade device, let’s get started.

1. Pack your material in the device, not too loose, not too tight. You are essentially knocking off the trichomes and liquefying them to oil, but you need the oil to pass all the way through the weed so it will take a bit more than you might imagine. Pack too tight – it won’t pass easily. Pack too loosely – it will pass too quickly! 

2. Attach the filter depending on the device – secure the filter (coffee filter for Honey Bee with custom-made space) 
3. Outdoors is best! (see dangers) Using gloves, hold your device with filter end facing collection vessel. Place butane can nib in the designed hole and add pressure (just like filling a lighter).
4. After a few seconds, the butane will make its way through the tube (collecting the oil as it passes through the weed) and start to slowly drip through the filter into your glass dish. You will see the butane gather in the dish as a liquid and the oil will have an amber tint. Continue passing the butane through the device until it runs clear. Place used weed to one side and repeat as necessary.  
5. When you’re out of butane or sure you’ve used enough, place the dish containing the amber butane in a warm basin of water. The hotter the water the quicker the butane will evaporate. Gently swishing the bowl will increase the evaporation speed. 
6. At this point, you have two choices.
Keep replacing the warm water and popping the bubbles in the oil with a toothpick. This will ensure a glass-like finish to the oil.
Whip the oil while it’s still soft for a more cloudy, gloopy oil. Reheating the oil will soften it for easier whipping. 
7. When all the butane is gone, gently warm the oil in the warm water basin again to soften it and start to gather your harvest with the scraper blade. 
8. You’re almost done! Gather your high quality concentrate for storage or smoking – or get ready to purge it. 
9. If you have any dry sift, you can add it now and make an oily, jelly-like hash by simply mixing it with the oil. The more you add, the firmer it gets – like soft black! 
10. Smoke that shit! You don’t need me to tell you how, but either use a dabber or simply wipe some on cigarette papers & mix with weed. You can also add to a bong, pipe or whatever and enjoy! 


Depending on the quality of your raw material, the amount of butane you have used or if you have used the same weed in multiple runs to extract every last drop, you may have enough material left to cook with. I personally always throw it away as I don’t purge my material and it may have toxins or chemicals from the butane left in it.

if you were to use it for cooking, I would heat, decarboxylate or purge it well before hand. If you have enough weed to do a BHO run or don’t worry about the cost, then bake with fresh goods!

Different strains will have different results, but using BHO is the strongest, longest lasting high I have ever experienced with cannabis and the quickest, simplest, purest method i have found to date. I recommend making hashes with the end result. It’s easy, less messy to use and you can customise the quality and workability of the final product.

Thanks for Reading



Some videos you can view on Youtube

Link1Alternative way Link 2



Weedgeek is not responsible for your actions. This blog is just a guide some stoner thought he’d write to share his joys of BHO. All information is for educational purposes only. does not encourage, endorse, condone or promote any illegal activity including, but not restricted to, cultivation or use of cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Butane gas is highly flammable and freezing cold; please ensure you have taken all and every safety measure to ensure you don’t blow up or snap your hand off.