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Geek Out with Cannabis Lifestyle TV!

November 16th, 2015 | By

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At Weed Geek, we’re always looking for newer & better sources of information & we’ve just found a fresh one that we think will be the best yet. Take our word for it – you have to check out Cannabis Lifestyle TV on YouTube!

These dudes are just getting started, so bear with them while they pump out more detailed strain reviews & how-to videos. Or, better yet, leave a comment on their channel & let them know what you’d like to see. They’re up for anything!

First, a little background – Cannabis Lifestyle TV is the brain child of Rob Corbett, a Michigan media guru who’s passionate about medical marijuana. While searching for answers to some of his own questions, he found plenty of online information, but most of it was too unorganized to be useful and some of it was just straight-up wrong.

He started tossing ideas around with his canna family and, together, they decided there had to be a better way. At that point, Rob put his skills to work designing a brand-new site designed to give fellow patients and growers around the globe instant access to straight-forward information about cannabis that would add real value to their lives without the need to weed through a bunch of nonsense to find the good stuff. This material isn’t just organized with encyclopedic precision, the production is totally professional.

The audio and video quality are as smooth as the finest smoke, and this team tells you what you want to know, with the right level of detail, without leaving out anything important. Within minutes, you can learn how to make perfect dry-sift hash, bake a killer pot brownie or choose the best cannabis seed or finished bud for your individual medical marijuana needs.

Because this is not a one-man job, Rob recruited some of the best cannabis experts the state of Michigan had to offer. Most are around Rob’s age (millenials), but that doesn’t mean this crew is new to the game. Combined, Rob along with Sid, Trey, Jordan & Dub-C have more than 40 years of general cannabis experience and over 10 years of grow history. Best of all, each member of the CLtv team is truly passionate about their chosen profession and try to learn something new about this miracle herb each and every day. Watch a few of CLtv’s videos, get to know the people involved, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

The Weed Geeks recommend you start out by viewing their Lost Coast OG strain review. Watch as Trey shows off some high-def close-ups of finished Lost Coast OG & gives a detailed smoke report. If you’ve never tried this strain before, you’ll be jonesing for some within minutes – and minutes will be all it takes. Trey packs in absolutely everything you need to know in just 3:10. You won’t get any rants or endless rambles with the CLtv crew – just cold hard facts & honest opinions in a concise, understandable format.

If YouTube ain’t your thing, no worries. CLtv is launching a new website using the same name in the next few days. Stay tuned – this is the best educational television series you can find anywhere!

Subscribe to CLtv’s YouTube Channel or Bookmark their Website Today – This is One You’ll Want to Remember!

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Arizer Solo Review

May 12th, 2015 | By


This week on Weed Geek, we’re reviewing one of our favorite portable vapes – the Arizer Solo. We’ve only had this piece for a few weeks, but so far it’s stood up to our usual higher-than-frequent use without giving us any problems. That alone earns our stamp of approval.

Best of all, one very committed blunt smoker agreed to give it a try & even he figured it out with just a minute or two of explanation. Sturdy, simple & reliable – that’s exactly what we’re looking for in a good vape around WG Central.

Out of the box, you will get 1 vaping unit, 1 wall charger, 2 glass straws (1 straight & 1 curved) and a cleaning brush. You’ll also get a short, bowl-like piece of glass they pass off as an incense burner, but don’t try to use it to vape your herb – that looked a little dangerous to us because the glass gets a somewhat hot near the vaping unit even though everything else is only warm to the touch. There’s your warning.

To use the Arizer Solo, all you have to do is charge up the battery (a single charge lasts for several sessions, so no worries there), pack the bottom of the glass straw with finely ground herb, insert the straw into the top of the unit, push both buttons to turn it on, wait for the battery check to finish, set the temperature by pushing the up button to the desired level (go with 5 or 6), and wait about 2 minutes for it heat up. Then, you’re ready for a nice, smooth, flavorful vape.

Now, for the things we weren’t so sure about. The Arizer Solo is billed as a portable desktop vape that gives you the power of a bigger, stationary unit with the convenience of being able to move around. We agree to a certain extent. If you want to walk around your home or yard, you’re good to go. But, sticking that glass straw in your pocket or packing it up for a trip might not be a smart idea.

Next, the herb gets packed in the bottom of the glass straws that come with the Arizer Solo rather than in the unit itself. Some of our new vapers didn’t pack the material tight enough & they had a few little flakes come up through the vent holes in the tube when they inhaled. With the Arizer, you should grind your herb very fine then pack it tight for the best experience. It won’t take you long to figure that part out now that you know what to do.

Finally, true weed geeks might not like the fact that the Arizer Solo doesn’t let you set an exact temperature, but we found that it still worked pretty well even without the degree by degree tweaking some like to do. If you can’t live without a precise heat setting, this is not the vape for you.

Want to know more about the Arizer Solo portable desktop vaporizer? Our friends over at have put together a very informative video that’ll let you see exactly how simple this product is to use. You can see it here –

. And, they’re even handing out Free Vaporizer Coupon Codes that’ll save you a little money if you’re in the market for a new vape. Check them out if you’re interested and let us know what you think.

Sadhu Sam’s Hash Extraction Technique

October 21st, 2013 | By

This is an excellent way of making hash from your weed – and works even with weed that has mold or other problems.

Materials needed: strainer, a jar, water, spoon, coffee filters, dried ground bud.

The cannabis is initially ground up using a standard grinder to get the plant matter into the smallest pieces possible. It is all then put into a jar, water is added.

The material left floating is skimmed off, and can be extracted again if you want. The resin in the bottom of the jar gets rinsed several times in cool water, shaken and then left to settle.

Floating material is removed once again before the final material at the bottom of the jar is poured into a coffee filter so that it can drain properly and then be left to dry (ideally) overnight somewhere warm. Once dry, the hash can be pressed in the hand until it doesn’t squeak! If it squeaks, it’s still wet.

This method can be used to extract hash from plants that have suffered from mold or from insect infestations.

All water must be properly removed from the mixture, otherwise it is likely to spoil and lose some of its taste and aroma. This technique will not remove sand from your weed.


Here are the step by step instructions:

– Put your plant material into a jar. Do not fill more than 1/4 full

– Fill jar with cold water and screw the lid on

– Shake well for at least 30 seconds

– Leave to settle for at least 15 minutes

– Take off lid and remove any material that is now floating

– Now put this material into another jar repeating this process if you wish

– Once 1st Jar has settled, gently pour off all but one inch of the remaining water and refill the jar with cold water

– Allow to settle for 10 minutes

– Pour off all water apart from last inch again

– Gently swirl remaining water and resin into coffee filter, adding a little water to get any remaining granules

– Once drained of water allow, to cool overnight in a warm place

– Unwrap and squeeze with your palm, pressing smearing and rubbing the hash using great pressure. Fold and repeat.