Make Your Own Liquid THC Tincture, Part 1

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part 1

Many people that have been experimenting on any level with recreational substances may have wondered what it would be like to make tea, brownies, and pretty much anything else a deeply stoned, munchy-craved brain can muster. Everyone has heard of making butter with the leftovers and sometimes even prime buds of the latest harvest, but who has wondered how to distil the pure THC from the latest crop or acquisition? Well read on, here’s how it’s done.

What is needed is an electric hotplate, a double boiler, a thermometer that reads up to around 105 degrees Celsius, a fine mesh strainer, and a couple of bottles of Everclear 190 Proof Grain Alcohol. A scale that reads in grams will also be needed.

Also required is a straight mind. This process entails working with a highly flammable substance and an intense heat source, so having a hoot beforehand is not recommended. Take this advice and wake up with intact eyebrows in the morning.

A few words on safety. It would be beneficial to perform this procedure out of doors, maybe in the garage with the garage door half open. This provides adequate ventilation and still gives a measure of privacy, which should be observed. Use an electric hotplate and keep open flames away from the simmering area. This means NO smoking. Old hands at making hash oil will no doubt remember the day they carelessly lit a smoke over the simmering oil and looked up at the ceiling to see a flash of blue flame dance across it. Close calls like that tend to make a person cautious.

So here we go. Set up the double boiler and heat the bottom pot to boiling. It is important to not put the top pot on until the bottom pot of water is boiling. Adding nearly pure alcohol to a dry piece of metal that is heated to boiling temperature just isn’t a good idea. Fill the top pot with the buds or shake and add enough Everclear to just about cover the green material. Leave a centimeter or two of the green material showing – the material will reduce like spinach and settle as it softens in the heated alcohol, covering it completely. Use either dried or green shake or buds, although it is recommend that the material be green. If it crumbles when handled, it’s too dry. Dried shake sucks up so much alcohol that it might be necessary to run out to the store for another bottle of Everclear.

Keep the bottom pot boiling and make sure that it has enough water in it to at least cover the first 2 inches of the top pot. Otherwise, the temperature of the top mixture will fluctuate needlessly. It is important to keep a steady temperature to allow the constituent parts of the green material to be leeched out of the plant fibers and into the alcohol.

Once started, this stage of the process is a no-brainer. Just keep the water boiling and the bottom pot filled. Stir the mixture once every five or ten minutes to keep an even temperature distribution. Keep this up for 3 hours. Feel free to have a toke – nothing really dangerous is happening right now. If the thing was going to flash up, it would have done so by now. Eventually the previously clear alcohol will be gradually darkened to a beautiful shade of deep forest green, then to a green so dark it appears dark brown or even black.

To ensure that the bud is covered, the alcohol may need to be replenished. The green material does reduce, but it is common to have to add about a quarter liter or so of the alcohol during the course of the reduction process. Alcohol evaporates rather well, and keeping a lid half-on half-off of the top pot works very well to minimize this evaporation, although one should never put the lid on completely – the inrush of oxygen may cause the alcohol to flash up should the lid be taken off suddenly.

After the 3 hours are up, let everything cool naturally. Basically just take the top pot off and turn off the hot plate. Cooling usually takes about thirty minutes. When the alcohol solution is lukewarm, strain the alcohol from the green material into a clean bowl or pot. Clean the top pot of the double boiler and pour the now green alcohol back into it. Get the double boiler boiling again and heat the alcohol to 210 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the boiling point of the water in the boiler (100 degrees Celsius). Use the thermometer for this, stirring constantly. It is a good practice to purchase a thermometer with a thick shaft and used it to stir the mixture, glancing at the temperature occasionally.

What is done now is a reduction of the green alcohol down to a liquid that is without water. This concentrates the THC. The absence of water has been achieved when the solution stops steaming. Wait fifteen minutes after the steam goes away, then turn off the heat and let it cool naturally again.

The substance is now basically high quality hash oil, and it contains anywhere from ten to fifty percent THC. To further extract and purify this hash oil, more Everclear is used as the solvent. Remember, it is extremely and explosively flammable. Do be careful.

In Part 2 of this article, the hash oil will be taken a step further, refining the pure THC from it.

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