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It’s time to stop locking up cannabis users

February 6th, 2014 | By


So Obama says that weed is less dangerous than alcohol. Uh-huh. So then, don’t we need to take a long hard look at what is going on?

In the US and UK and the rest of the world, we are still knocking people’s doors down for growing something that according to the president of the United States is less harmful than alcohol.

Yet our countries are flooded with alcohol, brands for every moment, and it’s advertised to children for fuck’s sake. What are we doing? It kills thousands ever year in the UK and costs the NHS over £20bn.

British women lead the way here. Would it really be a bad thing if more British women got stoned instead of pissed?

How can any right minded human being defend locking people up for growing this medicine? It is a complete and utter abomination of our basic human rights. It is barbaric, ignorant and utterly wrong.

What is it going to take for change in the UK?

Has democracy completely and utterly left the building?

We are criminalising our friends, our children, our families for no good reason.  Well actually, there is a reason and that is the greed of others. That is why we are sending people to prison. So pharmaceutical companies can sell you their shit, which in many cases will kill you.

Cannabis has killed nobody and can treat cancer, Parkinson’s diease, Dravet’s syndrome, Crohn’s and a hell of a lot more. Can you see what has been going on here?

We have been ripped off, done over by the powers that be. They brainwashed many of us.  The most powerful medicine on the planet has been hidden away from us for decades. A policy that has cost an indeterminably large amount of people their lives or totally unnecessarily suffering. And they still do this to us, today, despite the fact that the plant is less toxic than ten potatoes. (And that’s according to the DEA.)

Not only that. To add insult to injury, some police forces have been using the marijuana plant to steal from people. California alone took in $181.4 million in revenue from seized property and money in marijuana cases from 2002 to 2012, followed by New York at $101.3 million.

It’s time to take back what is ours. I don’t need to repeat how ridiculous it is to make a plant illegal. This is our medicine and we are entitled to use it.  Anybody restricting this access can only be described as evil, maybe genocidal. Even if they are only ‘carrying out orders from above’.  This is no excuse.  The persecution has got to stop. It’s time to end this war on people before any more damage is done.