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10 Reasons To Keep An Eye On Cannabis in 2014

January 4th, 2014 | By


The Sanjay Gupta CNN Documentary

A great documentary which shines a light into the magic of medical cannabis – for a child.

Watch how a little girl comes backs from horrifying illness and almost certain death to live a normal life – with her parents then meeting their daughter’s true self properly for the first time. Incredible stuff. Youtube link.



Human trials for cannabis as a treatment for brain cancer begin

Need we say more? Trials begin for the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme using Sativex.

Remember, ‘Sativex’ is cannabis, so whatever they may say, they are treating brain cancers with their own version of concentrated cannabis which anybody can make.

Rick Simpson has been successfully treating people with cancer for years using cannabis oil.



Boston study says marijuana not harmful

A Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine study finds no relationship whatsoever between marijuana use and healthcare utilisation.

So even daily marijuana users can chill out. The only way you are going to be harmed by this plant is by being hit over the head with it. Or by being arrested because of it.



Uruguay legalizes and neighbours immediately consider following their lead

Uruguay completely legalised their cannabis market in 2013 – setting the price at 1$ a gram! Argentina’s drug tsar Juan Carlos Molino recently stated that:

 “Argentina deserves a good debate about this. We have the capacity to do it. We should not underestimate ourselves”.

Recent polls in Buenos Aires suggest that 81% of people are in favour of legalisation of cannabis. South America could soon be greener than the North!



Switzerland have completely decriminalised cannabis

The Swiss (who are already extremely sensible about cannabis, though laws vary from internal state to state) very recently introduced new cannabis legislation.

The Swiss parliament totally decriminalised marijuana use on the 1st of October as long as you have less than 10 grammes in your posession.



Cannabis cafes in Berlin are coming soon

The Berlin parliament have voted and agreed on the idea of cannabis cafes in the city. Which European capital will fall next? Manchester would like to lead the UK.

Keep an eye on Europe. Remember with Spain and Holland, we’re already half way to a legal market – in the face of full legalisation in the US, it seems ridiculous to consider that anything resembling prohibition will be continuing for any meaningful amount of time here, but I’m sure some idiotic fools will prove me wrong.



Danny Danko the High Times editor appears on the Wall Street Journal

It’s almost too good to be true. I am still pinching myself. Who thought we would be seeing this in 2014? I repeat. Danny Danko, the High Times editor, appears on the Wall Street Journal! Just wow.



Colorado and Washington legalize for recreation

Recreational sales begin in earnest in Colorado – and the lines are big! Whether stocks are going to last or not remains to be seen, but a certain scene in the film ‘Jaws’ where they realize they are going to need a bigger boat springs to mind.



Moroccan legalisation plans

Morocco who produces over 40% of the world’s hashish supply are keen to legitimize the main cash crop of their country.

Even BusinessWeek think they might.  Just imagine a legal Moroccan hashish export market!  Only months ago such things would be dismissed as hogwash. Not today. A spokesman for the government said:

“We think this crop can become an important economic resource for Morocco and the citizens of this region”




American Herbal Pharmacopoeia release cannabis monograph

The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia finalized its cannabis monograph to lay down standards for botanical identity, purity, analysis, and quality. This new monograph will also provide instruction on cannabis growing, storage and curing etc.

Required reading for any serious cannabis enthusiast and further proof that cannabis is coming back to the medicine cabinet to stay.


Talk of Cannabis Coffee Shops in Berlin

December 2nd, 2013 | By

Hanfparade 2009

Berlin, one of the coolest cities in Europe (well, it certainly likes to see itself that way) is considering opening coffee shops. Kind of.

Just the very idea of this is marvellous. Amsterdam, Berlin… where could the next place be. It certainly won’t be London, I can tell you that – but what it would do is make London look increasingly isolated with its old fashioned and harmful drug policies.

It would continue a trend that is sweeping the world: being nice to people who like plants. For goodness sake, I wonder how we ever got to this ridiculous situation.

So Yay! for Monika Herrman and her sensible proposals.

It’s been a little while since I was in Berlin, but it sounds like it’s now super easy to buy weed in and around Berlin’s Görlitzer Park and the dealer situation might be getting a little out of hand – as things do in prohibited markets. Dealers in the area approach you, but not aggressively. In some areas, it’s possible to buy cannabis in broad daylight. Much is tolerated, however many arrests are also made.

“If we want to gain control of the dealers and their products, we must manage the distribution,”

says Monika, and she is, of course, absolutely correct.

Wake up, recognise the market is not going away – and regulate it. Science says the stuff isn’t harmful, except for the developing brain. So we must keep it away from our kids, which somehow we largely manage to do with alcohol using a regulated market. I digress.

In Berlin, there are also pressure groups such as ‘Hanf Verband’ that are pushing forward the idea of cannabis social clubs along the same lines as the ones now operating in some parts of Spain.

There is also the annual ‘Hanfparade‘, which since 1997, has attracted thousands of people campaigning for the legalisation of cannabis. It’s also a pretty good party.

Berlin has its own own Hemp museum similar to the one in Amsterdam called the Hanf Museum.

Things are already pretty chilled in Berlin, however, with the legal limit for personal possession set at 15 grammes (or around half an ounce) since 1994 – a pretty progressive policy whichever way you look at it.

Achilles Charmpilas, a musician who has lived in Berlin for 3 years said:

“I don’t mind legal cannabis. There’s bars here where you’re allowed to light up informally already. I would hate to see all the shitty Amsterdam narco-tourist types come here, though.”

Hmmm. Could he mean me I wonder? I’m not a narco-tourist, honest.

The matter is being discussed in Berlin’s parliament currently, but there is apparently little political appetite for legalisation in the way that it has been implemented in Colorado and Washington.

Don’t hold your breath, then. But the word on the streets is that if you know where to go, it’s all good anyway.

UPDATE 2nd December 2013

Since the time of writing, councillors in Berlin have approved this! Another domino falls.