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A quick note about Grassomatic

December 5th, 2013 | By


Maxi Gom

It’s been nearly five years now that I have been trying different autoflowering varieties. Outdoors and indoors. I have found that outdoors it takes a special kind of autoflowering plant to do anything of significance. Yields can be low, especially for the inexperienced grower.

I adjusted my attitude slightly after experiencing Barney’s Pineapple Express this year – that’s a plant worth growing. But the other day, I saw the results of a winter grow of Maxi Gom (grown near a latitude of 36 degrees) and it was spectacular.  I could be wrong, but it looked like there were two ounces on this Grassomatic Maxi Gom.

A lot of the time, the yield estimates given by the breeders are way off. Not in this case. Grassomatic say Maxi Gom yields 50 to 120 grammes and I believe them. These plants had huge, open colas and side branches that were also loaded with bud. I only tried a little of the Gom but it seemed to be a pretty nice smoke.

So if you are looking for high-yielding autos, have a good look at the Grassomatic catalogue – these guys know what they’re doing with their autoflowering plants.