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How to Use the Butane Honey Oil (BHO) Extraction Technique

October 26th, 2013 | By


It’s probably the most concentrated, strongest and most dangerous method of THC extraction – no fancy lab equipment, trade secrets or lengthy trials needed!

Making BHO really is simple and an extremely satisfying way of making weed concentrate, but it’s only for the serious or hobby grower. It can take a lot of dealer weed to make it worthwhile, but you can use trim, leftovers from seed weed or your grow mistakes (snapped, overfed, harvested too early, cured too long, not cured long enough) It’s all good! The best bud does get the best results, though.


Ok, it’s dangerous! You don’t have to be an idiot to blow yourself up doing this. Even the cleverest stoner will sit back and burn one with explosive fumes nearby or overlook something simple. So be careful!

Obviously, it’s butane gas you are using, so smoking a joint while extracting is a no no. This shit doesn’t need a naked flame. Any spark from any source can and will ignite this shit! Even the slight internal spark from a light switch or electric appliance or even metal on metal can do it, so be careful.

I do it outdoors, away from all sources of ignition and so the fumes from the butane don’t get a chance to build up. This shit can also get you high and not in the good way. Some people do it in a garden shed, outhouse or well-ventilated room indoors somewhere, but it’s just not a good idea. It’s great stuff and I’d rather melt my face from inhaling the concentrated product and not the fireball.

There is a massive debate on the purity, safety and toxicity of using butane gas and other solvents to make oil concentrates. Please read up on them before deciding to use this guide. It’s your call!




Couldn’t be simpler. Use as many cans of butane as you need. Depending on the amount of weed, this could be as little as 1. You can do multiple runs of the same material to get it all or cook with the leftovers (citation needed). I personally use 2 X 300mI cans on ½ ounce or 14 grams of pure dried bud. You could use more cans on lesser weed, but the quality will drop. There are a mass of butane brands available. Some will say “near” zero impurities, but I doubt any are actually 100% pure!

Simple test: Spray some butane on a glass surface, window or mirror. If the white residue stays behind, don’t use it! (or only at your own risk)



You can buy purpose-made, plastic handheld or freestanding lab quality equipment  (like the Honeybee or Wax-Tek scientific glass extractor) that will stop any potential carcinogen causing deterioration from PVC, etc., but I like the Honey Bee. It’s cheap and good quality. Or you can make your own. I’ll not go into that as store bought are the same, and if you’re handy enough to make your own, you don’t need me telling you how to build a simple device!


A square, good quality, high-sided , glass Pyrex dish (immaculately clean) is a must. If it’s not square or clean, you will have trouble harvesting or you could contaminate your honey oil.


Again, anything will do here as long as you can fit your collection vessel inside it comfortably and it can hold hot water. Don’t use anything metal that could potentially cause a spark.



The perfect tool here is a single sided razor blade – the kind you get from craft or hobby stores. You will also need a flat tool, like another blade to clean off the residue from the scraper blade.


Again, anything you want to use here is fine. It must be non-porous and clean like a petri dish; a lid is also a must!


A standard coffee filter cut to shape will do for the honeybee or homemade plastic versions, you can double up to ensure better quality BHO. The glass visions require a tightly sealed filter material secured with appropriate clamps.


Gloves are a must; you’re playing with highly flammable, extremely cold materials. Safety glasses and clothing is advisable – plus you get to look like a scientist, in all seriousness please be safe!


Vacuum device. To get the best quality from your end product, you will want to purge the honey oil, I never have but definitely would if I had one easily available


That’s pretty much it. Quality lab equipment or homemade device, let’s get started.

1. Pack your material in the device, not too loose, not too tight. You are essentially knocking off the trichomes and liquefying them to oil, but you need the oil to pass all the way through the weed so it will take a bit more than you might imagine. Pack too tight – it won’t pass easily. Pack too loosely – it will pass too quickly! 

2. Attach the filter depending on the device – secure the filter (coffee filter for Honey Bee with custom-made space) 
3. Outdoors is best! (see dangers) Using gloves, hold your device with filter end facing collection vessel. Place butane can nib in the designed hole and add pressure (just like filling a lighter).
4. After a few seconds, the butane will make its way through the tube (collecting the oil as it passes through the weed) and start to slowly drip through the filter into your glass dish. You will see the butane gather in the dish as a liquid and the oil will have an amber tint. Continue passing the butane through the device until it runs clear. Place used weed to one side and repeat as necessary.  
5. When you’re out of butane or sure you’ve used enough, place the dish containing the amber butane in a warm basin of water. The hotter the water the quicker the butane will evaporate. Gently swishing the bowl will increase the evaporation speed. 
6. At this point, you have two choices.
Keep replacing the warm water and popping the bubbles in the oil with a toothpick. This will ensure a glass-like finish to the oil.
Whip the oil while it’s still soft for a more cloudy, gloopy oil. Reheating the oil will soften it for easier whipping. 
7. When all the butane is gone, gently warm the oil in the warm water basin again to soften it and start to gather your harvest with the scraper blade. 
8. You’re almost done! Gather your high quality concentrate for storage or smoking – or get ready to purge it. 
9. If you have any dry sift, you can add it now and make an oily, jelly-like hash by simply mixing it with the oil. The more you add, the firmer it gets – like soft black! 
10. Smoke that shit! You don’t need me to tell you how, but either use a dabber or simply wipe some on cigarette papers & mix with weed. You can also add to a bong, pipe or whatever and enjoy! 


Depending on the quality of your raw material, the amount of butane you have used or if you have used the same weed in multiple runs to extract every last drop, you may have enough material left to cook with. I personally always throw it away as I don’t purge my material and it may have toxins or chemicals from the butane left in it.

if you were to use it for cooking, I would heat, decarboxylate or purge it well before hand. If you have enough weed to do a BHO run or don’t worry about the cost, then bake with fresh goods!

Different strains will have different results, but using BHO is the strongest, longest lasting high I have ever experienced with cannabis and the quickest, simplest, purest method i have found to date. I recommend making hashes with the end result. It’s easy, less messy to use and you can customise the quality and workability of the final product.

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Some videos you can view on Youtube

Link1Alternative way Link 2



Weedgeek is not responsible for your actions. This blog is just a guide some stoner thought he’d write to share his joys of BHO. All information is for educational purposes only. does not encourage, endorse, condone or promote any illegal activity including, but not restricted to, cultivation or use of cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Butane gas is highly flammable and freezing cold; please ensure you have taken all and every safety measure to ensure you don’t blow up or snap your hand off.


Big Buddha Blue Cheese Outdoor Smoke Report

October 25th, 2013 | By

Once again this year, I am lucky enough to have some outdoor grown Big Buddha Blue Cheese, a king of weeds without doubt. And once again, it is lovely.


Blue Cheese is potent, stinky, cheesy stuff that really gets you to another level, whilst not rendering you incapable. This weed was grown locally and is a fine example of a Cheese. And the more you smoke, the more stoned you get.  I cannot recommend this highly enough.

The crop from last year was the best weed I had ever smoked in my life. This year, it is excellent but not quite up to the same standard as last year which really was verging on being majorly hallucinogenic. This is not a complaint, merely an observation.

After pushing it for a while with this weed, there is some visual enhancement and a bit of sweat under the eyes I find. Go and grow some of this stuff outdoors – you will not be disappointed.


Sadhu Sam’s Hash Extraction Technique

October 21st, 2013 | By

This is an excellent way of making hash from your weed – and works even with weed that has mold or other problems.

Materials needed: strainer, a jar, water, spoon, coffee filters, dried ground bud.

The cannabis is initially ground up using a standard grinder to get the plant matter into the smallest pieces possible. It is all then put into a jar, water is added.

The material left floating is skimmed off, and can be extracted again if you want. The resin in the bottom of the jar gets rinsed several times in cool water, shaken and then left to settle.

Floating material is removed once again before the final material at the bottom of the jar is poured into a coffee filter so that it can drain properly and then be left to dry (ideally) overnight somewhere warm. Once dry, the hash can be pressed in the hand until it doesn’t squeak! If it squeaks, it’s still wet.

This method can be used to extract hash from plants that have suffered from mold or from insect infestations.

All water must be properly removed from the mixture, otherwise it is likely to spoil and lose some of its taste and aroma. This technique will not remove sand from your weed.


Here are the step by step instructions:

– Put your plant material into a jar. Do not fill more than 1/4 full

– Fill jar with cold water and screw the lid on

– Shake well for at least 30 seconds

– Leave to settle for at least 15 minutes

– Take off lid and remove any material that is now floating

– Now put this material into another jar repeating this process if you wish

– Once 1st Jar has settled, gently pour off all but one inch of the remaining water and refill the jar with cold water

– Allow to settle for 10 minutes

– Pour off all water apart from last inch again

– Gently swirl remaining water and resin into coffee filter, adding a little water to get any remaining granules

– Once drained of water allow, to cool overnight in a warm place

– Unwrap and squeeze with your palm, pressing smearing and rubbing the hash using great pressure. Fold and repeat.

Pineapple Express Grow and Smoke Report

October 21st, 2013 | By

This plant was a real eye opener. I’ve been growing autos outside for nearly 5 years now and am nearly always disappointed with the final yield. I keep trying though. I knew that one day I would find something nice that worked well and produced amazing weed. That day arrived this summer with Pineapple Express.

This is one of the most remarkable autos I have come across. It’s fast-finishing in 60 to 70 days. It’s remarkably sticky – the huge buds are just oozing with THC and you can immediately tell so. And it produces well – despite being short. Some of the plants even had ‘double buds’ on the top cola.

All the buds were extremely bulky – it’s easy to get an ounce from the plant with very little care and attention.  Plant ten of these and you will have a nice bit of weed. Having grown Pineapple Chunk also, I can say in my experience that the buds on Pineapple Express look even bigger than those of Pineapple Chunk! Sounds crazy but that’s what it looked like to me.

The high is strong and pleasant. A proper smooth indica buzz without any couchlock.  A usable high that you can still operate OK on. You certainly know you’ve had it though. Just lovely weed. I cannot praise it enough.

Even taken a few weeks early, the weed is still outstanding!

 pineapple-express-auto-flowering-feminised-seeds (1)

Like I say, for an auto, this is a remarkable plant and has certainly encouraged me to look further into the Barney’s Farm catalogue. I will definitely be growing it again and again. I’m really look forward to seeing what kind of bud this produces under indoor lights. A real achievement in autoflowering plants in my humble opinion. Definitely worth your attention if you are interested in seeing what a good auto can produce. Get some you will not be disappointed. Your friends will thank you.

CBD Crew Outdoor Mix Review

October 19th, 2013 | By

These were easy to grow plants, I grew them outside in Smartpots. Not massive yields but they were planted late in the year. I should point out that I have a high tolerance of cannabis especially at this time of year so your experience of this strain may differ hugely from mine.

Now, I realise what the point of a high CBD low THC is – it is not about getting high. The point is to make a medically effective strain for people so they can get relief and still go about their day. I would say that this strain will do that – I tore into some uncured buds this morning just after breakfast then again and again I smoked some more just to be sure.

I can say that I felt more relaxed, but not ‘stoned’ as such – so this stuff seems to be working as advertised. Pretty much.

After the third spliff I went out to do the shopping with absolutely no stoned issues that I might normally come across. It felt nice. Driving was no problem.

If I had no weed, and only had this weed as an option, then by god I would smoke it. It reminds me a little of the effect that I have had in the past from making hot chocolate milkshakes using used vape material.  Used vape material is generally low in THC and can contain CBD. A relaxed feeling, centred and calm but not off your head, basically. That’s how is was for me anyway. Probably not something I would seek out apart from in special circumstances – but I think it could be a great strain for people who only want the medical effects of the plant, which is the intention. It released some amazing citrus smells during growth. We will be making some oil from it.

cbd-crew-outdoor-mix (Small)


Update to CBD Crew Outdoor Mix Review

It just goes to show, one person’s medicine can be another’s nightmare.

We did make some oil for a friend using the high CBD weed and the Swiss pharmacist’s Olive Oil method.

Instead of putting a jar in boiling water, we just use a slow cooker allowing the mixture to heat for 2 hours. This has the same effect and is safer.

It works really well.

Not having made oil this way before I was unsure of what dosage to recommend to our friend. I had smoked the weed and as above reported that the effects weren’t huge for me at all – in fact they were really negligible. I do smoke a lot however.

This stuff is 5% THC so having sampled it, I suggested my friend try starting with two tablespoons of the oil. My logic was that the oil was not concentrated (like oil made using the Rick Simpson method) so you would need to take more for it to do its’ work.  And of course the low THC content compared to most strains we are smoking these days – many of which are 15-20% THC or even more.

So my friend had quite an interesting night and ended up tripping her face off.

I felt awful when I heard about this, however. This lady is not a complete stranger to the hallucinogens. She was able to handle it but it just shows what can be achieved with a slow cooker, some weed and olive oil.